What is Art Rental

We bring artwork from today's most talented artists into businesses and homes that would not otherwise be able to invest in fine art. Working with painters, photographers, illustrators, sculptors, and installation artists, we provide our clients with collections of artwork that are engaging and personal, while at the same time improving their face to the public.  Businesses have the continuing opportunity to rotate some or all of their art on a quarterly basis.

Grow Your Audience
Your work will be shared with our network of clients looking to discover new art for their business, commercial properties, or personal homes. They have the potential to turn into collectors as they fall in love with your work. Your work will be on display for a minimum of 3 months once rented, and can be renewed as a rental on a quarterly basis.

Three Ways To Earn

Not only will you receive invaluable exposure and free storage for the time your art is rented, but you will also receive passive income on a quarterly basis for every piece rented.
With our dynamic service options, you can earn revenue up to 3 different ways:

Rental fees are paid as a 60/40 split. You earn 40% of the rental fee, and receive a check for every three months your art is rented.
Sales fees are paid as a 40/60 split.  If a client wants to purchase one or more of your pieces, a certain percentage of what they have already paid on that particular piece will be applied to your sales price, and you will earn 60% on the remainder of the sales price of your art.
Commissions are compensated on a case-by-case basis, we evaluate the situation and decide together. 

You Create, We Do The Work
Using the inventory information you’ve provided to us, our team finds the right spaces for your work. We’ll take care of recruiting clients, marketing, sales, logistics, website management, and so much more; in order to free up your time to focus in the studio.  All you have to do is give us accurate, high-quality portrayals of your work, & deliver / retrieve your work to us ready to hang once a client chooses it for rental. We do the rest!

The Artist Team
The Artist Team is ready to help with anything you may need, so never hesitate to be in touch. We’re artists ourselves, and we’re dedicated to your happiness and success!


We take every precaution to ensure that your valuable work is cared for with outstanding service.  That being said, accidents do happen.  We suggest you maintain insurance on your artwork while it is rented.  

How Do I Apply

We are different from other fine art rental services, in that we do not charge our artists an application or participation fee.  We ask three things of you: 1) create great work 2) work delivery / retrieval (we will do everything we can to work with you and make this process as simple as possible for you) and  3) respond to us in a timely manner with the information we need to promote you.

If you would like to be considered as a contributing artist, please submit an email here

  • The email needs to include: high quality images of your work at 72ppi; the dimensions of your work (when framed if you are providing framed work); the sales price of your work--when dictating sales price keep in mind the 40% commission on each sale.
  • Your submission will be forwarded to the Anois Studios Selection Committee. Once they have made their decision, we will do our best to notify you, though due to the number of submissions we receive we cannot notify everyone.
  • If you have work which you would like to make available to our clients for rental, but is currently in a show or otherwise temporarily unavailable, we encourage you to submit it and note to us when it will be available. 
  • Thanks for checking us out!  If you have any further questions please contact us here.  Thanks again!

What If My Work Is Currently In A Show Or I Want To Enter It Into A Show

If you have work which you would like to make available to our clients for rental, but is currently in a show or otherwise temporarily unavailable, we encourage you to submit it but please note to us the date on which it will be available. 

​If you have work rented out and it gets sold or accepted into a show, please give us two weeks notice, and we will retrieve the work for you and have it ready for you to pick up from us.  We will replace it with one of similar rental cost.

Can I Keep My Work Up For Sale
Yes!  If you sell your work to one of your own collectors while it is being rented we will retrieve the work for you within two weeks and have it ready for your pick up!  You are in charge of the work's transportation. 

FAQ For Artists